How We Care

Here is an overview of the care services we offer at Fremington Homes

Care At Fremington Homes

We at Hadley Care are proud to provide high quality and effective care and support to our Fremington Homes tenants.

A minimum of one member of the Hadley Care team is always onsite to assist as needed. We are also able to offer double up care, up to three times daily if required.

Services We Provide


Our carers provide our clients with three meals a day including, but not limited to: home cooking and freshly baked teatime treats. Every carer has the necessary skills to cook meals for the 6 to 9 clients in their lodge. 

We are eager to get our clients involved with this aspect of their day, so we not only assist the clients with drawing up their own menus each week, we also encourage them to be as involved with the planning and meal prep as they wish.

Personal Care

Most of Fremington Homes’ tenants require some form of assistance with their personal care. This can range from simply prompting our clients to complete activities independently, all the way to full bed care. 

We are happy to help with everything in between; the majority of Hadley’s clients require assistance to wash and dress themselves with some help with managing their continence.


Whilst many of our clients use walking frames or other equipment to help them mobilise some require more equipment such as hoists.

Because of this, we ensure, that all our carers have full moving and handling training.

House keeping

Although Fremington Homes employ cleaners to assist with cleaning on a weekly basis, Hadley carers ensure that the day to day things, such as cleaning the bathrooms, and hoovering are never overlooked. 

We complete laundry every day and do all the little things needed to keep a busy home environment clean and tidy on a daily basis.


Many of our clients like to engage in activities of their choosing, often this will entail jigsaws, puzzle books, looking through photos and playing board games. This is not all however, we both bring in outside entertainment and provide occasions such as: movie nights, sing alongs and trips out with the Fremington Homes driver. 

In this, as with everything else we do, we ensure that a huge emphasis is placed on personal choice as we are aware that all our clients have different likes and dislikes along with their personal needs.

Speak to Us

Speak to one of our team to find out more about what we do or how to join us!
Hadley Care provide in house care provision for the Fremington Homes Property Portfolio

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