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  • Megan
    I worked with Hadley Care a few years ago. I came back in July 22. I can honestly say this company has grown into something outstanding. Our new Management/Owners have done so much in the short space of time. Nothing is too much trouble. The support can’t be faulted. The clients are just incredibly happy. Newly decorated Lodges are just a few changes that have been made. Activities, entertainment and trips out are a regular occurrence. Everyone is friendly and approachable. I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. A brilliant team throughout. 
  • Janet
    My partner G***** is a resident at Oak Tree Lodge (fremington homes) The purpose of this email is to say how much we as a family are grateful for the constant care and attention that he receives from the staff who work at Oak Tree Lodge. In particular I would like to mention the good work being done by Claire the manager of Oak Tree Lodge. Her attention to detail and empathy towards the people in her care is admirable. She is kind and helpful but also totally aware of the needs of the people in her care. Thank you Claire for a very good job at all times.
  • Hadley Carer
    I like to think we all do our job to the highest standards we can. After all, we are carers. If any of my family were looking for somewhere to live and they chose to stay in one of our Lodges, then I would know that they were getting the best care they should be. We treat all our clients as if they are family members, nothing is too much trouble. If they are poorly and don’t like what we have on offer for lunch then we give them an alternative. A little something is better than nothing. To be made comfortable and safe means everything to them and homely is what we want our clients to feel. Just to get a smile or a little song is so rewarding, I love my job. Thats all. Have a lovely Christmas

Who are Hadley Care?

Hadley Care are the in house care service for the Fremington Homes group and associated rented accommodation. We provide domiciliary care to residents and ensure day to day quality of life is at a high level.

We at Hadley Care are proud to provide high quality and effective care and support to our Fremington Homes tenants.
A minimum of one member of the Hadley Care team is always onsite to assist as needed. We are also able to offer double up care, up to three times daily if required.
Who are Fremington Homes?
Fremington Homes provides rented accommodation to elderly people. We differ from residential care homes in that we are small lodges/bungalows with capacity for 6 -9 tenants to rent rooms with en suite bathrooms and share the communal areas with like minded people.

Our vision is for Fremington Homes to become the preferred supported living community for the elderly of North Devon. We aspire to be a thriving supported living community where our clients are able to continue living fulfilling lives, whilst being supported, respected and valued by our team of carers.

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Hadley Care provide in house care provision for the Fremington Homes Property Portfolio

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